Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Spring Bunny Bags

Sometimes while I'm perusing Pinterest I see a project idea, that's totally adorable (like little felt Spring rabbit treat bags for Easter) and I know I want to do it.  And often one criteria for projects I choose is: It looks like a really quick project.

Because we recently discussed how my big projects --like a quilt-- can take me three years!

So quick is good.

And I think, "I will make that quick project,  it will be fabulous and wonderful!

Except I forget that I now have four children, and no matter how quick a project is supposed to be, when you're making four--it is still a substantial undertaking.

 But it's all right, because I started early enough, and hadn't given Emily back her sewing machine yet.  So we made it in time.

Four little bunny treat sacks.  

 And filled with candy. . . Sooo Cuuute!

The little part between the ears is not sewn together, so you just fill with treats and tie a bow around the ears and they stick out all cute.

(And they actually hold more than I expected.)

I liked doing different colors, and I used different fabrics for the ears and different embroidery thread for their faces.  And even tried pinking shears for cutting out the charcoal one.

They weren't tricky, except for trying to transfer where the eyes were supposed to go onto my fabric.  Maybe she had a good suggestion for how to do it in the tutorial, but I couldn't tell you, I'm not really the instruction-reading type.

So go ahead, try it!  There's plenty of time before Easter.  It's a totally cute, really quick project.

(As long as you're just making one!)

Monday, April 7, 2014

Circle Around Quilt

It's interesting the way a project as big as a quilt comes along.

I worked on this quilt three days at a time every six months!  That's why it took three years.
The last time I had pulled it out was right after baby Rory was born.  I made great progress, and then didn't get it out for six more months!

A month before Jonas' birthday I decided it was time to finish.  I knew it was a reasonable goal, I just had to make a sustained effort and not put it away again after three good days.  

And I did it!

It did require borrowing my friend's sewing machine at the last minute when mine went on strike!  (Thanks Emily!)  And begging the advice of a stranger at the fabric store for binding fabric advice--but I made it.

I love the fabric and the colors.  In the end I chose to back it with a sunshine-yellow quilting flannel.  I really want this quilt to be one Jonas will cuddle up in.  We received a simple quilt for a wedding present that was backed in flannel, and it's so cozy, so I knew I would use flannel.

The fabric choice for Jonas' quilt top was very intentional.  It has these sweet woodland motifs with mushrooms, woodland critters, and --most important-- acorns!  When I bought this fabric, Jonas was a sweet little speech-impaired toddler who loved to collect "atorns" on our walks.

(I can still hear it!)

I chose a brown patterned fabric to bind the quilt in, because I always had imagined the quilt having more brown in it.  Quite a few of the pieces have brown, but the quilt is mostly predominantly the off-white.  The brown binding just brings out a little more of the brown fabrics, which I had chosen because of Jonas' beautiful clear brown eyes!
I'll have to get some pictures of it on his bed to show the binding, and the backing.  But when I have free time at night the quilt is always busy doing it's job of keeping my sweet boy warm and cozy.  

Thursday, April 3, 2014

And Now For Something Different

Today (actually month ago, but this is how long it took me to get through the technical difficulties of getting it online) I recorded my very first video blog, vlog, video podcast, or variation thereof.

It was a lot of fun.

It's an interesting sort of challenge to try and get through a certain amount of information while not taking too long, and while not completely screwing up the straight take.  Sure, there are great resources for home editing these days, but there's a certain challenge to completing it in a single take, especially if I don't want video blogging to take even more time than my typical intensely-edited written blog post.  Plus there's something fun about a non-edited view of "reality."

So, may I present my video.  And as a teaser, I will note the highlights of the video to watch out for:

  • find out why Jeremy wrapped my anniversary present in aluminum foil.  (Hint: It's both strong yet flexible.)
  • my general feelings on technology
  • two moments where my mind goes to complete outer space
  • and an awesome story about my family's love for BACON

Was that fun?  I thought it was.  (I crack myself up with my blog writing as well--this is no exception.)

I will not be switching to video blogging exclusively, but will definitely be adding videos to the mix of my contributions to the world wide web.

(Oh, and here's my Instagram account as mentioned if you want to follow my photos-- fun all around.)


Saturday, March 8, 2014

Woodland Birthday

I love party-planning.  

My boys have birthdays and I think, "Oh we won't do anything big this year, we had a nice party last year."  

But then I get one more idea, and then another, and then we're doing the big birthday deal again.  It started about a month ago, when I decided I was going to finish Jonas' quilt I started three years ago in time for his birthday.  I knew that if I worked consistently on it I could actually get it done for his birthday.  (I did, post to follow!)

Then Jonas was thinking about "what kind of birthday" he wanted.  He threw around a lot of ideas, but then at one point said he wanted an owl cake like Wyatt had last year.  (See a picture in this post.) He had actually said immediately after Wyatt's birthday that he wanted the same cake for his next birthday, so when he said it again I went with it.  

Jonas' quilt has fabric with a few different woodland motifs including critters, and acorns and mushrooms.  I decided the whole birthday could be based off the quilt, after all--it was an amazing feat on my part, and I want him to really feel how special his quilt is!

The quilt colors are so great, for fun I wrapped his other presents up in corresponding packaging.

 We had a few friends over for dinner: pasta salad, Bierrocks, and veggies.

But of course the funnest part was the desserts!

"Mushroom Cap" French Macarons.

And little chocolate acorns.

And of course the owl cake.

Happy Birthday Jonas!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Recently our family was invited to dinner in someone's home.

While our hostess was finishing her preparations for the dinner, she said something about the cookies her daughter helped frost for dessert--She hoped that they wouldn't "ruin" my children because she'd heard that we are really into healthy eating.


Our healthy eating isn't really what most people would consider healthy eating.  It includes dessert, and frankly doesn't follow many of the "rules" in the popular conception of healthy eating.

The other day I was clearing out Owen's backpack of the day's barrage of paper waste. I came across this small scrap:

With no context I had to ask Owen what the writing prompt was.

"We were supposed to say a healthy eating choice," he said. 

His answer:  Ice cream! Becus its mad frum cow's milk.

=sniff= I couldn't be any more proud of him. 


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