Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Crackle Painting- No special products needed

A friend shared the liberating piece of knowledge with me this week, that you don't have to buy "crackle medium" to use the crackle painting technique. Just follow these next few steps:

1. Paint your base color. This will be the accent color, or the color that your cracks will be in the finished project. Add a second layer if necessary, and allow it to dry completely.

2. Paint a layer of white glue, you can water it down a little bit if you're having trouble painting it on. Allow it to begin drying. When it is no longer wet but still tacky proceed to step three.

3. Paint a quick single layer of your top coat, the color you want to dominate the final project.

4. Optional: You can then allow the project to air dry. Or if you are impatient to see your results (Of course I am) you can use a blow dryer to dry the paint and glue, and watch it "crackle right before your eyes.
***Tips- Vary your brush strokes with the glue and top layer of paint to encourage the paint to crackle in different directions. Vary the thickness of your topcoat to get different sizes of cracks. Thicker paint makes a bigger crack. You may want to use a clear coat on top to protect the paint job, depending on what you will be using the item for.

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