Monday, March 31, 2008

Eat Your Dinos!

This totally cool thing was a gift my mom brought out for my 2 year-old. It cuts your average-looking "p.p.butter wamich" (Translation: peanut butter sandwich) into two much more interesting looking dino sandwiches. Yeah, my son loves it!
The great thing is, it actually uses like 99.9% of the sandwich. It takes off only a thin layer of crust around the outside of the bread. Now I don't really condone the practice of habitually cutting the crusts off of bread for your kids (I don't do it for mine, and actually as I was setting the dinos up to take the picture my son ate the leftover crusts while he waited for me to give the dinos back!) but this is a very fun way to eat a sandwich once in a while! I tried it with a meat and cheese sandwich the other day, and it worked fine as well.

My mom bought it at Fry's which is her version of my Dillon's, or whatever your local Kroger Brand store happens to be. I think it's a great investment, especially for 2 year-olds!


Shanna said...

These Dino cutters were featured in an article in the Tucson newspaper today as a "Must have for those with kiddos at home". I was like...Hey I have that! It gets used on a near daily basis. They also featured a single portable cupcake protector. So we will have to tell Nonny she was ahead of the trend :-)

Mom said...

Yea me! I know a good thing when I see it! Glad everyone is enjoying them!


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