Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Is Cheaper ALWAYS Better?

Speaking of toilet paper... We are back from our internship and into our house that we sublet for the summer. We've been using up the toilet paper and paper towels that our tennant left behind. And when I say "using up" I mean it, because if there is one thing I have learned its that it is NOT a good idea to buy the cheapest version of toilet paper or paper towels on the market. You have to use 5-times as much of the cheap stuff to do the same job. I do buy a "cheap" version, but not "the cheapest" it's just not worth it.

I do buy the cheapest liquid hand soap. I buy it in a huge container to be even cheaper and use it up slowly. It doesn't need to be fancy--it just needs to clean my hands. I don't even like the kind with lotion, because I don't like how it makes my hands feel slimy when I'm drying them off. That's just me.

Our splurge is food. We don't want to eat cheap food. We want to eat quality food that tastes good. We also like cooking, and it is a lot more interesting to cook a variety of foods than the same old boring cheap food.

What about you? What is your favorite thing to splurge on? What do you refuse to buy when the cheapest version is out of stock? Come on...I wanna know!


John and Becky Bowler said...

I enjoyed your comments on the hand soap. It made me smile. :) I'm afraid I'm the total opposite. I always have Bath and Body Works hand soap in our kitchen and bathrooms. My favorite thing to splurge on is good chicken breasts. I don't really like red good chicken is a must. I bought generic chicken about a year ago and it was a no go.

Sheffer's said...

I totally agree with you about the toilet paper/paper towels and hand soap! We definitely don't buy super expensive stuff (who can on a student budget?), but I feel like I waste my money when I buy things too cheaply. We splurge on food, though. I want us to eat good, healthy, fresh food and sometimes that can cost more than the processed stuff but it's worth it to me. I'm also getting tired of buying really cheap clothes for my boys and us. I've become addicted to a childrens' place outlet nearby that I can double coupons at and get sweaters, shirts, etc. for $1-2!!! It's my little fun release! :)

Melissa said...

Jeanette I finally made it to your blog, and I love it. I agree cheaper is not always better often you spend at least 2-3 times more becasue you have to replace the cheap stuff more often.

Whitehorn Family said...

Hi Jeanette its me Liz Whitehorn, formerly Glauser.
It has been so much fun reading a your blog posts. Your so creative and I'll definitley have to try some of your recipes.
Back to your post.
I use to buy a lot of cheap things, but as I've gotten older I too have realized that cheaper is not always better.
Here are a few of my opinions.
I agree with the toilet paper. I hat the feeling of public restroom toilet paper in my home, so yes I splurge, plus its a double roll and it feels like it lasts longer.
I use to buy higher brand diapers but I've realized after they hit a certain age the cheap stuff works fine, but when their newborns to 3 months I like pampers.
I buy a lot of bulk from Costco, and didn't usully buy a lot of frozen meals, but have found that its worth it when you want a good tasting meal but not put in the amount of time to cook it.
I also use to buy cheaper clothes and I still do sometimes but quality does matter here I have found. They literally last longer, keep their color and are cuter. We have play clothes and school clothes for those messy times. at that age of 12 months-3 years its usually a no win with stains that are just bound to happen with a toddler.
I save $$ by going to the library for books I want to read, going to free places to take the kids, coupons, and I agree foodis what we splurge on, that and those Clorox Wet wipes.

Whitehorn Family said...

Sorry that was so long :)

Anonymous said...

I also love to use Bath & Body works hand soap. I just wait for their mega sales on it and buy a bunch. As far as TP goes I don't like it too cheep or too nice (it clogs the toilet too easily with kids). I buy Costco's kirkland brand. And I agree about the diaper comment. My kids get rashes from the cheep stuff when they are little but are fine as they get older. As for food, I also buy the good stuff but find myself not forking out the money on as many fresh things as I would like to, ie avocados. Liz I am curious as to what type of freezer meals you buy? I need meals for those busy nights I won't be around but I don't like buying stuff that is loaded with fat and sodium. Any ideas?


Mindy said...

You know, I just made the discovery how nice Charmin TP is, so I now agree. I also agree on cheap hand soap--just get a cute container and refill it with the huge Equate brand or something! Splurge on food=good.
You know, I have to say my thing is to make sure I buy quality clothing. Of course I always get the best deal possible and shop out of season, but I realized it's not worth it to have 3 Target shirts that look bad after one season but to spend the same on 1 nice shirt that you can wear for a long time. (This also means I only have about 2 weeks rotation before I need to wear the item again.) I always say everything I bought from JCrew 7 years ago I still wear!

Wayland said...

Well Clint and I like to splurge on things for our house. We are tired of buying cheep furniture that falls apart the first time you move it. Maybe that is why I am always feeling like our house isn't put together as well as I would like it. We can't yet afford the nice stuff... Stupid vet school. Clint needs to hurry up and be the doc. Ha! We also splurge on Chocolate! Clint and I both love high quality chocolate, the only problem is that it usually gets eaten with in a few days of buying it. :(


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