Monday, September 22, 2008

Mommy Treats- S'mores in a Bowl

So as I was sitting around the house Sunday evening, I was totally hungry for a snack. A dessert snack. Being as it was Sunday evening, my choices were limited. As I scavenged I realised I had all necessary ingredients for s'mores in a bowl. Yeah I probably wasn't the first to come up with the idea, but the first time I made it was in SLC this summer, and I was very proud of the discovery. It's super hard, take notes...


Graham cracker sticks mini marshmallows and chocolate chips. (By the way Graham flour is just another name for whole-wheat flour, so feel good about getting whole grain while eating this delicious snack!) Layer the goods with the crackers on the bottom, then you don't have to clean up as much sticky marshmallow off of your bowl.

Then pop it in the microwave for 25 seconds, or long enough for the marshmallows to puff up really big and the chocolate to melt and get all gooey. . . Like this:

Then dig in. It's like revisiting a camping trip from your childhood, but there's no mosquitoes, and you don't smell like smoke, and you might actually get some sleep tonight. But other than that, its just like camping.


Melissa said...

looks yummy

rachel said...

Thanks for sharing. Remember good old cereal parties in 203? I was thinking about those the other day. Good times :)

Logan said...

Looks taste netter! I will have to try it. In one area on my mission our apartment had a fire pit in the back yard, and we made lots of smores after a hard days work, I will have to make this and remmanis...or however you spell that word!

Claire said...

Yummy treat! And yes, I did share the gender news... I just hid it really well in my blog :) We're having a girl. We're way excited but with the move I haven't had anytime to get any clothes for her... she might be the baby girl in little boy clothes for a while :)


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