Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My Tribute

There's nothing like a weekend apart to "help" you remember all the things you appreciate about your sweetheart! Yes, the Boys and I spent three days alone together while the "Man" of the house went to the ASLA National Convention in Philadelphia. He had a great time and it was an excellent learning experience for him. We had some great learning experiences here at home as well. I'm finding it a lot easier than I used to to spend time at home not getting anything "done." That's often been a crux of mine as a stay-at-home mom--how to overcome the feeling that I should be doing something "productive" all the time. But the productivity of a stay-at-home mom is not measured the same way as other work. So I've had to adjust to valuing work I do daily in a new way.

But I digress. My real reason for this post was to express my appreciation for my husband. He has always been such an unfailing support for me. Even back in the days of our first semester of dating, when I thought I wanted to be a film major, and he sat through countless obscure films I was watching to analyze as a part of my application. It was a killer process and the day I turned in my application, he had flowers waiting for me. He has always been so good at providing for my emotional needs.

And now he has spent the last four and a half years of our marriage in educational training to prepare to provide for my physical needs as well. And the needs of our two boys. And the needs of our unborn children. All his effort based on the promise he made me once that, "our kids won't have to eat dirt." (This was a fact I was highly doubting as at that time he was considering a career as a fisherman off the Oregon coast.)

I want to sum up my husbands valiant efforts to be the "Man" of our house and my great appreciation for him with one last remark about our crazy summer. If we were to go back to the apartment we sub-let for three months this summer, I would not be able to show you where the trash dumpster is. I never once saw the trash dumpster. So to my husband: Thank you Love, for everything you do...


Mindy said...

The Merrill men are good finds, aren't they? I never take the trash out either although I do know where it is--right outside my front window! I know what you mean about getting past what "being productive" now means as a stay at home mom, life is different and accomplishments are different. I compromise by making a short list (8-12 items) that I would like to get done that week. But I imagine I will need to adjust again when a second baby comes to join us.

Robyn said...

That's really sweet. Sounds like you have a great husband and are very blessed.


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