Saturday, October 11, 2008

Nature's Goodness

As I mentioned in a previous post, Jeremy and I are highly enthusiastic about teaching our children that food comes from the earth, not just the grocery store. So when we heard about the opportunity of end-of-the-season greenbeans free for the pickin' at a local family farm, we were all over that idea.

We went with our friends Clint and Jen. They're always up for a good time.

Jeremy snacked some along the way, he was on baby duty, I forgot my sling. Owen was the "bucket boy."

I called him over to me and he said "Yes bucket mom?"

We left feelin' good. Appreciation for the farm owners sharing their bounty. Appreciation for good friends to go with. Appreciation of a little fresh air. Appreciation for the innate ability of the earth to provide for our needs. And, grudgingly, appreciation for the way this outting jump-started Jeremy's brain thinking about his Masters' project (on edible landscapes). He left for school as soon as we got back, I'm sure all that fresh air will make todays work extra-productive!

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Mindy said...

I would love to do something like that! Good job having convictions as parents and wanting your children to appreciate the earth!


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