Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Land of the Pilgrim's Pride?

Has anyone else noticed a general lack of pilgrim's in this Thanksgiving season?
I'm severely disappointed. All I want is some sort of tasteful classy-looking pilgrim decoration, to "festive"-up my festivities. Alas, it appears that Thanksgiving has very little to do with pilgrims. (For some reason there are a whole lot of scarecrow decorations, then there are some pumpkins, and a handful of fall leaves, but no pilgrims.)
I think this fact is interesting in light of the recent election. There has been a lot of protesting since the propositions passing in California, Arizona, and Florida that defined marriage in those states as between one man and one woman. Gays feel like they are being denied basic human rights.
The pilgrims came to America seeking freedom, because they were being forced to practice the religion of the King. They were denied the right to worship God the way they felt was right. They were denied the right to think and feel for themselves.
No one is being denied these type of rights in our country today. I don't believe it is a "basic human right" to be allowed to hold your commitment ceremony in whichever church building in town you choose. I don't believe it is a basic human right to have the photographer you want take pictures of you and your partner. I also don't think it is a basic human right to tell young pregnant mothers making the courageous choice to let their baby be adopted, that they must consider same-sex couples as potential parents.
In this holiday season, even without the help of any pilgrim decorations, I hope that I can begin to teach my boys what the pilgrim's stood for as they helped found this country. The blessings, rights and freedoms we all enjoy today. The right to worship as we want. The right to think and live our lives based on our own convictions. The right to voice our opinions, grievances and fears. The right to change our country's laws to better protect our children and provide stability for the future.
Thank you pilgrims, for your contributions to our great country's founding.

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Anonymous said...

I am happy that I had the right to raise my daughter the way I knew she would realize her potential and contribute to her society in a meaningful and worthwhile way. I am happy that she understands why this country is great. I am happy that she is happy and has joy which adds immeasurably to my joy. I am happy that she respects and appreciates her "rights" and why she has them. I am happy she is teaching these things to my grandsons.


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