Monday, December 22, 2008

Oh Christmas Tree

In my mailbox this week was a surprise:

Remember when we bought WALL-E a few weeks ago? There was a little sticker on it: "Exclusive when you buy WALL-E at TARGET- get a free tree sapling by mail." I like free, so I went online and entered my "special code."


Isn't it cute?!

(Still blissfully oblivious that Mom and Dad already watched his Christmas Present!)
Momma's little helper, "Wait buddy, hold on, just a minute, not yet!"

Our very own little Black Hills Spruce. That's a Charlie Brown Christmas tree if I ever saw one.


Shanna said...

Brian can not stop laughing at this post. He likes the mischievous look on your face in the fourth picture. That is a pretty funny story!

Anonymous said...

I hope it grows better than my giant sequoia I bought at Muir Woods. I sent away for the "guarantee" replacement a couple of times and finally gave up when they all died. Yours actually looks healthier than mine. If it survives, I hope you'll plant it at the cabin!


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