Monday, December 8, 2008

Tornado Envy

Today I thought I'd post something fun for your viewing and listening enjoyment. (Of course I may be the only on that thinks its cool.) In a recent discussion with my sister about the possible "ideal" state to settle down in, I mentioned the state of Oklahoma. To which my sister responded, "To be quite honest, I'm afraid of tornadoes."

Maybe I've seen one too many "Natural disaster adventure-thriller" movies, but I really think it might kind of be a cool to experience, with excellent bragging rights too. Last Monday I recorded for your listening pleasure, our monthly emergency alert warning system test. (You also get a great view of bleak Kansas winter weather.) We live between two groups of alarms. So we hear the one from the front side of the house, then the next group from the back side of the house. I like the ones from the back side best. Remember those laser guns you could get when you were little, that cycled through he five different "laser sounds?" Yep, that's what it sounds like.

So did you think that was cool or what? I know I'm nuts. In reality we were gone this summer when a tornado did hit. The guy sub-letting our house said he slept right through the sirens. (Some warning system.) At first I was bummed because we missed the tornado, and most-likely our one chance in our life to use the hand-crank weather alert radio my mom got us for Christmas last year, umm...and then reality hit. Who am I kidding? I would have been scared to death for my baby boys!

(But in my head . . . if I imagine I wasn't a parent responsible for the well-being, and life-long nurturing of two beautiful boys. . . I still kinda think it would've been exciting. Anyone with me?)


Claire said...

I've been in a tornado before, in Chicago. I was staying at a friends house so we just went down to their cellar and stayed for the afternoon. I have to say it wasn't the most exciting moment of my life, but it is neat to be able to say I've been in one.

Mindy said...

Funny! Like the ones of TV that they cut out the program, but even better! Hopefully it doesn't happen during nap time--I would hate that!


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