Friday, January 16, 2009

Crafting Glass Bubble Magnets

This is a fun project I made for my sisters-in-law for Christmas presents. I've seen them done a number of different ways. I decided to make them with little words that would make them fun for hanging pictures on the fridge. (Another idea I had was to have them say things like grocery list, recipes, coupons... for other things you might keep on the fridge.)

First I stamped out the words I wanted and cut them out.

I glued the word strips to little circles of scrapbook paper cut roughly the size of the glass bubbles. You can buy the glass bubbles at the craft store somewhere in the silk flower or wedding section. (Their original purpose is to go in the bottom of glass vases.)

Then use a paintbrush to cover the circles in glue and press to the back flat side of the bubble. When they are dry you can shave off any paper that went past the edge with an exacto knife. Glue a nice heavy-duty magnet to the back.
I think these turned out really well. My tips would be: Use paper with bright colors. (The glass subdues the colors a bit.) Make sure you use enough glue that there are no air bubbles behind the glass. And if you have kids that still put things in their mouths, then keep these on the upper half of the fridge out of reach!

P.S. I think it would be really cute to make seasonal magnets like this with hearts, clover, stars and stripes, leaves, snowflakes etc. and switch them out with the seasons!


Melissa said...

you are just so crafty I love these type of magnets yours turned out really cute!

Shanna said...

I LOVE mine....they look fabulous on my fridge. Every time I see them I smile and think of you. The magnets are a great handy and so cute! Thanks!!


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