Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Did You Buy WALL-E Too?

(Or the Tinkerbell movie or Prince Caspian, or Sleeping Beauty?) Also, do you like free money? OK so we all learned in economics that "There's no such thing as a free lunch." In this case I noticed the rebate information on something I was going to purchase anyway, so it is a good thing. Rebates and special deals (and even coupons--I've noticed) are obviously no good if they all for products that you wouldn't normally buy or if they are for items not, as my friend Jen says, "on the family wish list." If, however you purchased one of these movies amid the bustle of the holiday shopping season, and your little munchkin enjoys occasionally taking a 100% juice box to the playground as much as mine does, then this is the rebate for you.

With proofs of purchase and valid cash register receipts dated from 10/7/08 through 2/16/09 (you've still got time) for one of the above-mentioned movies and two Minute Maid 64oz bottles of juice or 10-packs of juice boxes, a $5 rebate can be yours by mail in 6-8 weeks. Call me when you get your check--we'll use them go out for ice cream together!

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