Monday, January 5, 2009


The trouble with goals, is that noble and grand as they sound, having the list of goals does nothing for you if you don't actually accomplish any of them. Yesterday a friend told me about setting SMART goals. It's an acronym (I don't know who came up with it originally) for Specific, Measurable, Attractive, Realistic, and Time-framed. I think this is a very good system for evaluating goals, and it really seems like it would help so that the goals you do set are accomplishable.

I won't list all my new years' resolutions and goals, because really, they aren't all that interesting, but I thought I'd mention three that may make appearances here on the blog:

My first goal is financial. Practicing frugality and spending as little money as possible this semester is the goal (and timeframe). This goal is attractive to me because hopefully, the money I save up now, can help us this summer when we graduate, find a job, relocate, and set up a new house! I love figuring out frugal tips and projects, so I hope to share them here.

My second goal is nutritional. I want to feed my family more vegetables. We do great with fruits and whole grains, and we always have some kind of a vegetable, but aren't you supposed to have like 3 servings a day? **First order of business: find out how many servings of vegetables we are supposed to be eating, then work out the other details.** I hope to find some great new recipes, and when I do, I'll post them here.

My third goal is a personal/fun goal. I want to post more on my blog. My goal is to post at least once a week, every Monday, and anytime in between is just fun and extra. (I'd also love to learn some HTML coding skills.) Jeremy and I have discussed how blogging is kind of the scrapbooking of this generation. It's a creative outlet for personal expression. I enjoy it, and I'm grateful that Jeremy is supportive of my doing it.

Here's to a new year. May it me more financially stable, nutritious and productive than the last.

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Sheffer's said...

Wow, that's so exciting to be almost done with school! James and I set similar goals last night. We really need to be frugal since we're having #3 and our loan amounts don't get bigger along with our family! I'm excited to see what you learn.


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