Monday, January 19, 2009

What in the World?

Kids do the strangest things. Take for instance my cell-phone call last week to my sister, during which unmonitored time my Sweet Pea decided to use an entire roll of blue painters' tape to strap his legs together. . . Why not?

"Lookin' good buddy." We let him walk around like that for a while, until he got uncomfortable, before we helped him out. You know. . . natural and logical consequences, or something.

Seriously. . . a nut. Oh and you may be wondering why my legs are propped up on a rolling pin in that first picture. It's his new favorite toy.

"Look Mom, I'm MO!"


Ashley said...

So funny how their little minds work. You never know with kids.

Shanna said...

So funny, and oh so clever!! I must say that the rolling pin has been a favorite toy in our house too. Too bad O is not going to get to come out with you C would have loved to play with him!! C is always talking about his "cousins" or sometimes he gets confused and calls them his "brothers"!


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