Monday, February 16, 2009

Be Mine

Just to make one thing clear: Jeremy and I got married over "Presidents' Day Weekend," OK not "Valentine's Day Weekend." Got it? Good.

Now since we were dealing with the aftermath of sick children, our weekend was not filled with wine-ing and dining. The great thing about love, though, is how you feel it through noise, and a messy toy room, and through everyday moments like listening to your spouse purposefully alter the words of your child's bedtime stories.

The text altering is a long-standing tradition that most-likely began out of sheer boredom from having to repeatedly read the same stories over and over again. I think sometimes we do it to make sure the child-in-question is even listening. (Look at that picture--he's totally not!) But there are some times when I know Jeremy is inserting random comments purely for my within-listening-distance enjoyment.

Last night in The Bernstein Bears Count their Blessings "Papa Bear" made some comment about "Bear Country's" dependence on foreign oil, and it's ramifications on "Bear Country's" socio-political climate. I laughed and looked up to see Jeremy wink at me. That's how I know he loves me. And that's why I know I love him too.

Happy Anniversary my Love!

(And thanks for humoring me with a fohawk every once in a while!)

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