Monday, February 9, 2009

Be Prepared

Do you have any of these in your home?

Not boys necessarily, but a child or children of the human variety? If you answered "yes" do you have any of this in your home?

If you answered "yes" pat yourself on the back. If you answered "no" or even "no because no one is sick right now" let me try and persuade you to remedy that situation.

Two summers ago I went to a Pandemic Flu workshop taught by a member of the local Red Cross. Now, before you die of boredom, let me tell you that it was a lot more interesting than it sounds, but let me also tell you that I'm not going to try and explain the entire seminar.


I just want to pass on a key piece of advice we learned which was: If you have children in your home you should always have a children's electrolyte replacement solution in your home storage.

This was one piece of information I got from the seminar that I acted on right away. And I have been glad that I did. The bottles are marked with a "use by" date, so when I purchased a bottle I got out a sharpie and wrote that date in large print on the front of the label. I've found that usually they have about one year of shelf life. And with small children and their sensitive systems in the home, I've yet to have a bottle expire on me.

Why is this advice on my mind today? Well, I've been compelled to remember. Yesterday evening Baby J "tossed his cookies" in a big puddle in the dining room. Since then he has also had 4 diaper explosions. And in the midst of all the carpet cleaning, baths, and loads of laundry, I am grateful that that I haven't had to drag my time bomb of a baby out in public to go buy him some Pedialyte. Also we didn't need to break the Sabbath, although I believe that would count as the Ox being in the mire, but since we were prepared there was no need.

So tonight for Family Home Evening get out your first aid kit, make note of any supplies that need replacing, and make a shopping list with Pedialyte at the top. You will sleep better at night knowing your family is more prepared to take care of its self than yesterday!

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Brian's Wife said...

I remember when you told me about this during the summer....we went out and got our supply! It is a good thing to have handy!


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