Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Been nice knowin' ya!

February 10th seven years ago. A Sunday. I was sorting silverware into their respective bins in the back of the Cannon Center dishroom. Loads of fun. (Get it?!) I heard:

gasp! "Have you had lunch yet?"

"Oh, yeah." I said. He was obviously the supervisor, one of who's responsibilities was to make sure the crew all got fed lunch during their shift. It's a good thing I had taken my own initiative because at that point lunch had been cleaned up and dinner wouldn't be for a few hours. Not that I blamed him--this wasn't my normal shift, and I wasn't one to draw unnecessary attention to myself.

He caught up with me later at the end of the industrial-sized dishwasher. "So what are you in to?" he asked me. Steam burst from the washer as the hot, wet plates were conveyed out. We worked side-by-side stacking them on a cart.

"Cartoons." I said my typical kind of obscure one word answer given to boys, which translated roughly to: "I'm unique, don't bother unless you really think you know what you're getting yourself into."

"Really? What kind?"

Darn he broke through my preliminary defenses. Switching full power to even more obscure back-up defense. "Anime." I said. Alas, my back up defense was broken down when he said that he, also was a fan. The rest of the shift was spent in a smattering of small conversations about various shows we enjoyed.

Before leaving he asked if I wanted to get together some time and watch Anime together. "Sure, why not?" He said he'd just get my number off the work schedule.

Is that legal?

Four days later, I was hanging out down the hall on our dorm floor. My roommate found me and delivered a valentine I had received through dorm mail:

"Who's it from?!" The overexcited co-eds wanted to know.

"Umm. . . I think it's the guy I met at work on Sunday." I walked back to my room and closed the door, turning the valentine over in my hand to read the name again.

Not too common, but a familiar name. It goes well with "Jeanette." Yeah. . . I could marry someone named "Jeremy."


Kara Lyn said...

I remember this like it was yesterday. Jeremy really wanted to talk to you but didn't know how to go about it because you guys weren't working by each other. Then he remembered that he was the supervisor and could tell people where to work.

Ashley said...

That's adorable!

Brian's Wife said...

How fun! Thanks for the cute story! It is fun to look back and remember. If I forget....Happy Anniversary in a few days! We will be thinking of you. Hopefully the boys will be feeling better so you can enjoy yourself! We will be keeping you in our prayers!


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