Monday, February 2, 2009

Belated but Celebrated

Friday we celebrated a belated Chinese New Year. Monday the boys were sick, so we postponed the festivities.

We made homemade fortune cookies. Don't get me wrong, we looked for them at the store but they were "out." I found a recipe online and we made them, with mixed results. If it's possible, I actually got worse at making them the more I made. But it was fun to try.

We made Chinese paper lanterns and strung them up.

We ate my delicious home made pork egg rolls. Chow mien noodles a' la Jeremy. And delicious fruit salad provided by our guests: Amy, Preston and their four sweet children. It was a very fun evening. Best wishes to you in this year of the ox!


John and Becky Bowler said...

Those fortune cookies look great. :)

B's Wife said...

Mr.C has been obsessed with China this week. We went and got his haircut this week and he told the lady that he needed a good haircut so he could go to China and meet the dragon warrior. He has been insistent that he eats with chop sticks and he is constantly practicing his bow. One night he decided that it was the night he was going to go to China. B drove him to this fancy country club that had a big wall with vines all over it. He cried and screamed when he realized he was not staying in "China". He seriously was so hurt. In an attempt to calm him we showed him Brian's graduation date and told him we would go to China on that day....China town is close enough right?? Anyway, he was not happy with that. However, after nearly 2 hours of crying he finally passed out. Now the word "China" is off limits until May is a little closer....and Kung Fu Panda has disappeared from our video cabinet for the time being. Needless to say I think Collin would have LOVED to come to your "China" party!


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