Friday, February 13, 2009

Mail Bag

Here's something interesting that showed up in our mailbox this week. It's from Dillon's, our local Kroger brand store.

Hmmm... Coupons for products we buy most? This ought to be interesting to see:

Nestle Chocolate Chips? Guilty, guilty as Charged.

$5.00 of Fresh Vegetables from the produce dept? We sure try.

Butter? Yes BUTTER. I don't believe in leaving the butter out of everything I make, we just eat less treats. . . less delicous treats made with real butter.

Old Orchard 100% juices. If you are going to drink juice-this is the way to go.

Post cereal? I do love me some honey bunches of oats, just don't get me started on their new product "Just Bunches." It's GRANOLA people!

Musselman's Apple Sauce. We buy their Natural Applesauce with no added sugar. I never buy "babyfood" applesauce. It's the same thing and ten times cheaper.

Quaker granola bars. Jeremy takes them to school, and I keep them in the diaper bag.

King Arthur Flour. Their unbleached bread flour is high-quality stuff appreciated in artisan bread-baking circles around the country. Jeremy uses it to make Baguettes.

That was a very interesting tour of gastronomical self-exploration. Can I just say that I'm glad Oreo cookies didn't show up on that list? Boy would that have been embarassing!

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