Friday, February 6, 2009


Baby-J did such a good job. The surgery went super-fast, and he's recuperating well. We even gave him his first bath last night with ear plugs in. Really they are cotton balls dipped in Vaseline, but I was worried he would pull them right out. He didn't even notice them!

After the surgery; however we went looking for some baby Tylenol. This kind:

Notice anything different about this package? I know the pic is kind of dark, but it's up there on the upper right-hand corner of the picture.

Yep right there. . . It says: Now in the baby aisle.

Hmmm. . . how much good exactly do they think it does us for the box, which is in the baby aisle, to say "now look for me in the baby aisle," while we are walking up and down every aisle in the pharmacy department trying to find it? I'm just askin', that's all.


B's Wife said...

We are so glad that baby J is feeling better and that the procedure went well. Hopefully this will be the start to happier days! We are counting down the days until you guys come and visit! C and E are super excited to see baby J....even though I need to prep C that baby J is not such a baby anymore!

Mindy said...

I am so glad he is doing well. I think you will be happy you got them. Sometimes bad hearing keeps kids from speaking soon enough. You know, I've never gotten Cam a hearing test. Is the pediatrician supposed to do it?? Hang in there Jonas!

Kristy said...

So glad everything went well, he is darling!


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