Friday, March 20, 2009

Great Expectations

We took the boys to Historic Nauvoo. We had pretty reasonable expectations about the boys enjoying the trip. It's a town restored to it's 1840's glory, staffed by charming elderly volunteer couples in period clothing, talking about and demonstrating everything about the lives of these people from driving in horse-drawn wagons, to baking bread in a brick "bustle" oven, to children's games, to blacksmithery. Seriously. . . What's not to like?

To make it even better, all along the way there are little souvenirs you can keep. Tiny hand-dipped paraffin candles, a slice of wheat bread to eat, a mini horseshoe from the blacksmith demonstration, a gingerbread cookie, and your very own brick made from local clay. What fun. . . right? . . .right Owen?

I knew the boys wouldn't like walking through historic house tours, or watching the hour-long video in the visitors center, but we really struggled to get Owen to even tolerate anything we took him to! Consequently we were doing quite a bit of parental soul-searching about family vacations. Was the trip worth it?

Will Owen remember anything about Nauvoo? Probably not, but I don't remember much of anything from when I was 3 ½ either.

But will Owen remember anything about the trip? I think so. I hope so.

We've asked him, "What was your favorite part about the trip?" He said it was the Hotel. Is that so bad?

I think it's fun to stay in hotels too. We went swimming in their pool, watched their cable TV, and even ate dinner at their buffet. Owen got to pick out his own mini-box of cereal each morning, and got to eat Dora the Explorer snacks that he picked out at the grocery store, specially for our trip.

Hopefully somewhere in those memories of the parts he liked he will remember that his family was there too. Hopefully he will equate his good feelings to spending time with his family. Hopefully he will get the feeling that his parents cared enough about him to take time out from everyday life to do something that we thought he would really enjoy. Because we love our boys, and that's what it's really about.


Ashley said...

Well said.
I think that you're right on about the kids remembering the "trip" but not always the details. I know looking back on all of our Disneyland family reunions that I don't remember them very well, but I do remember that we had Disneyland family reunions, and that means that we came from a family that loves each other and wants to spend time together.
Does that make sense?
Keep taking those trips!

Melissa said...

Looks like a fun little trip. I bet the boys will remember that they got to do something special with Mom and Dad.

Mama said...

I think it is great you took your little family on a trip. I also think Owen must be Aunt Kara's soul mate. She had a pair of orange party pants like the ones Owen is wearing.

John and Becky Bowler said...

How fun. :) I love the pictures.

susette said...

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Anonymous said...

I think its cool to take kids to church history sites, because as you talk about Joseph Smith and teach them important things you can show them that you, as a family WERE THERE where he was, where he walked, talked and lived. And it means something to them, makes them feel involved as an individual with the church in a deeper way. We never know what it means. So we do it in faith it means alot. And it does. You are good parents.


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