Monday, March 2, 2009

Great Outdoors

Here's what we had this weekend--A little bit of this:

Not quite this much snow (The picture's from December), but enough that we could finally use the disk-sled we bought after Christmas! It's been really cold the last few days since the snow. But by Wednesday it should be back to this:

65-70 degree weather perfect cure for cabin fever. (Kansas weather is so strange.) This was my boy a few weeks ago. Look how happy he is. A boy playing in the dirt.

He plays literally for hours out there--in the dirt. My dad fenced in the backyard for us while he was visiting in December. So I'll just let Owen play out there. I check on him often. but he's not going anywhere. He just happily digs in the dirt. I wonder what's going on in his little head as I watch him. Sometimes he talks to himself, but mostly he's silent.

Hours I tell you, and it pleases me so much. I can just see the little wheels turning inside his head. I can hear the silence that lets us both think. I see the stimulating tactile experience he's having out there with his hands and feet in the dirt.

I don't know exactly what's going on but I know that it's good for him. I know it's good for his brain. It makes me want to turn off the TV and and shut down the computer more often. But we do what we can as moms. When it's 5*Fahrenheit outside I can't let my boy play for hours outside.

So around here we are anxiously awaiting spring time, or at least the next little pocket of good weather that give us a few days respite from winter!

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