Monday, March 30, 2009


I feel like a real mother. Isn't this what mothers do? Sew patches on the knees of their children's jeans? (Well I cheated actually, I only used heat'n'bond.) I let Owen pick out the fabric scrap he wanted- he loves it.

We are starting to realize that Owen won't be passing a lot of clothes down to Jonas from this age. Owen is wearing them out! But It's good. It makes me happy because he's wearing them out by doing all those things boys are supposed to be doing like playing in the dirt, climbing trees, riding trikes.

Putting this patch on I got the same feeling as the first time I put a bandaid on Owen's knee when he scraped it from falling down--the feeling that this would be the first of many.

Sure having little girls would be fun. I'd love the cute little outfits and hair bows and playing tea party. But having boys is going to be a whole lot of fun in it's own way. And I'll be ready with a whole lot of bandaids and my box full of fabric scraps.

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Wayland said...

I remember when my mommy ironed on patches onto my jeans. Except it was because I was playing "horse" and ran around on my hands and knees making horse noises. :)


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