Monday, March 23, 2009

Please Don't Repeat at Church

The other night I was putting Owen to bed. (Normally that's Jeremy's job since he is away from the boys all day.) I was tucking him in and leaned over to give him a goodinight kiss.

"Eskimo kisses." Owen requested next. So we rubbed noses.

"And butterfly kisses" I said as I brushed my eyelashes on his cheek.

Then I kissed him on one cheek, then the other, and back to the first.

"And those are French kisses" I said. "I mean-NO NO no! Um. Bisous* kisses, those are bisous kisses."

Dang, I sure hope he doesn't repeat that anywhere, it could lead to some really akward explanations about our bedtime routine!

*Bisous pronounced bee'-zoo is French for little kisses like the kind you kiss on peoples cheeks as a greeting. Of course we're all taking Jeremy's word for that!


JackJen said...

THis is my new favorite story ever.

Kristy said...

So funny!

Love the new look, I have been wanting a 3 column forever! How did you do it?

Jeanette said...

I went to this guy's site That page is how to modify the minima template, but he's got instructions for other blogger templates too. He just walks you through the steps and tells you hwat/where to cut and paste. It took me like 15 minutes total, and I really like having a place to stick "buttons"!

Rhea @ Experiencing Motherhood said...

What a cute little story - love it! In fact, I'm writing to see if you would like to submit it to my site: Experiencing Motherhood ( Just let me know. :)


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