Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Oh yeah! I am the model of punctuality. Remember that $5 rebate I told you about? Well, although I mentioned it was good through February 16th, that was actually the purchase dates it was good through. The last date that you could actually mail the rebate form in was March 2nd--yesterday.

So being the being the bright shining model of punctuality that I am, I mailed it off . . . yesterday. I can't bother with getting things done early, see because I'm too busy getting other things done on time.

Now I was very excited yesterday afternoon to realize, that if I could find a stamp, then I could simply put the envelope outside for the mailman to take away and I wouldn't have to go out with both boys in tow to get to the post office before closing. (Amazing and novel system that the US Postal Service is.)

So I started rummaging. The first stamp I found had a picture of an apple on it. It was for 34cents, and was dated with little numbers in the lower corner with --I kid you not-- the year 2001. Um. . . Jeremy and I had not even met in the year 2001.

I also found some 39cent stamps from 2006. Hm. . . getting closer, but I'm pretty sure stamps are up to 40-something cents now.

Finally I came across some more stamps from 2006, but these ones were First Class. SCORE!

Let that be a lesson to me: buy First Class stamps from now on!

(Oh yeah, and after I snapped this picture the mailman drove by =TOO LATE!= and I had to chase after him down the street to take my mail. Did I mind? Nope. I walked back congratulating myself, "Just in time!")

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Ashley said...

So funny! I've always bought first class stamps, but I never knew what that meant!


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