Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Awesome Cake

Birthday celebrations require a cake. Homemade birthday cakes are one of the few "rules" I set for myself as a homemaker. Your rule may be something about your family always having clean underwear, but my rule is homemade birthday cakes.

The problem this week was that I was kind of burned out from (read: I still haven't cleaned up the mess from) the last cake I did about a month ago for a church function.

My mom said, "You have to spend at least as much time on Jeremy's birthday cake as you did on that cake." Or else I'm a bad wife or something lame like that.

Well, fate smiled upon me and I spent a fraction of that amount of time on Jeremy's cake, and it still turned out to be the most awesome cake ever!

Here are the Four Reasons why Jeremy's Birthday Cake was the Most Awesome Cake Ever:

  1. Kroger brand now sells totally generic confetti Cake mixes with generic edible cartoon image decorations in the box! Jeremy picked out ROBOTS (that happen to be able to shape shift into cars and helicopters) Not to be confused with Transformers. You can also choose generic Princesses or generic Sports. Generically Awesome!

  2. Jeremy requested that his cake be "tall" instead of "wide." A request to which I lovingly obliged, even though the darn layers were so thick it took an hour in the oven for each one.

  3. Our Kroger store also sells Multi-colored candles. (12 is almost right.)

  4. Most awesome of all--they have Multi-colored flames!

I'm an awesome wife. To further prove my case: Jeremy received one gift yesterday. His second gift should be shipped to him this week, and his third gift should be shipped to him the following week. I'm totally awesome because I always plan ahead to punctually provide for my loved ones.


Mama said...

Two hours to bake a cake, two hours to cool,two hours to decorate, two hours to clean up, and two minutes to light the candles and sing! Yup! That's a full days work and worth every minute to see a "Happy Birthday" face.
You are a good wife!!!

rachel said...

What awesome cakes! Good work Jeanette!


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