Thursday, April 23, 2009

Earth Day Sunshine

Since it was a beautiful Earth Day, we decided to let the chickens out to actually experience it for their first time.

They found a worm and hilariously chased each other around snatching it back and forth.

The rest of us enjoyed swinging in the hammock Aunt Kara brought us back from Puerto Rico. (Though it apparently causes some static electricity!)

The hammock is perfect for two boys.

Or a boy and a mom.

A beautiful day!


JackJen said...

I cannot tell you how jealous I am of those chickens.

Kara Lyn said...

Nice hammock. I need to remember to bring my to Utah next time I am in Oregon. Sorry about the static.

Anonymous said...

Oh Wow!! Jonas is blonde!!! I know I've noticed it going blonder, but now he looks like a new kid!! I still remember the day I saw Collin when he "suddenly" turned blonde. I nearly cried because I felt like I hadn't seen him enough to watch it change. It's amazing how quickly it does!


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