Wednesday, April 8, 2009


We've been a little obsessed with friends around here lately.

I think it's because Owen's finally getting old enough to realise he doesn't have any. Poor kid. He is always asking me, "Did someone [in]vite me over?"

The other morning I was doing my yoga video. Owen came in and watching the instructor said. "Her doesn't have any friends. That's why her is lonely."

Yep he's right. (Poor Sarah Ivanhoe. If only Billy Blanks hadn't been taping a new video in the studio next door she might have been able to get a few "friends" in her yoga video with her.)

So interestingly enough Owen has discovered a solution to his problem, he met his "Owen Friends." Whenever he's passing through the bathroom he asks us to lift him up "So I can see mine Owen friends!"

In the three way mirror he can watch his semi-circle of friends multiply from his one single reflection into an infinite number of friends. And they have a great time together. Here they are sharing some juicy gossip:

It's really kind of a perfect relationship actually. Which has gotten me thinking about my own friendships.

Here in Kansas I haven't found "the one," you know the perfect friend that's exactly like me, knows my thoughts, stays at home with her two kids that are exactly the same age as my kids, wants to get together and hang out at the exact times that I feel bored, enjoys all the same hobbies as I do so we can do them together. . . Where is that girl? Well the truth is, probably the only place I can find her is in that three way mirror as Owen has.

I've enjoyed some great friendships here with people that are very different from me, but have a lot of great qualities to add to a relationship. I'm grateful I didn't let my search for the "perfect" friend keep me from developing the great friendships I have had here.


Kara Lyn said...

When you guys come, we will be Owen's friend and vite him over lots and lots. And Jeannie's kids are close to Owen's age. They can hang out and play.

rachel said...

I like what you said about friends. It's so easy to define things and when we do that can really hinder us.

Wayland said...

Well I feel very luck to consider the whole Merrill family our friends! Don't know what I would do with out you guys! :)


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