Monday, April 13, 2009

Making the Change

I've heard many times how much faster, safer, and just plain superior the browsers other than Internet Explorer were. And we finally made the switch, but it wasn't actually for any of those reasons.

I've used Internet explorer 90% of the time I've used the internet (I used Netscape for a while when I got free internet through them.) But Explorer comes already to go on most PCs so I thought: why change if it's working fine? Well, the answer came as we updated to the newest Internet Explorer 8.0 and saw a new feature they added. Every time you open a new tab it gives the option for you to "Browse in Private" where none of the information about websites you visit etc. is recorded and saved in your history.


I can think of no reasonable reason for that feature, and two dozen deviant ones--the biggies being internet pornography and unauthorized surfing/e-mailing at work.

I may sound crazy but this is my home, and I will take the steps I feel prudent to protect my children from the the evils in the world or internet, and to help prevent them from making mistakes that they are too young to understand. All members of our family need to realize the importance of using the internet for safe and uplifting activities only. We keep our computer in an open and busy area of our home and we keep our browsing history available for monitoring and moderating as we as a family see fit. And now I'm done.

However, if you too are interested in making a switch I'll say that in the four hours that we have been using Firefox now it looks great. There was an "Import" feature that lets you transfer all your favorites or bookmarks, cookies and other settings straight over from Explorer. It also has the convenient "Tabs". As of right now I'm completely pleased with our decision, and I'm not stopping to look back.

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C&E's Mommy said...

We made the switch a few years ago and have not looked back. Explorer would cause Brian's animation program to that is why we switched. However, I would have made the switch like you had I found out about the new features of Explorer. You have to do everything to safe guard your home and family. I bet a lot of companies and families stop using Explorer because of the new changes.


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