Wednesday, April 1, 2009

New Spring Shoe-ardrobe

Change in climate necessitates a change in footwear. And what a fun change it is.

Baby-J got a great pair of new sandals from his Auntie Evelyn for his birthday last month. (thx!)

We decided to take them back to Target and trade them up a size to make sure they last the whole summer. And since we were there, we went ahead and outfitted the whole family.

Owen definitely needed some summer shoes. (I tried to get him a pair that could work for church too. Double duty!)

Jeremy got a fun pair of boat shoes. (Now we just need a--oh nevermind!)

And I got some cute wedge sandals for church. I'm justifying my less "needful" purchase but the fact that my current pair of light-colored church shoes I have had since I was in high school. They were a gift actually. From the shoe store Becky worked at, Shanna had a pair of the exact same shoes, but I'm pretty sure they were a gift from Christi.

Anyhow, high-school? Um that was TEN years ago. I think it's OK for me to buy shoes to replace that pair. But thanks again Christi for the long-lasting gift!


Mindy said...

We wanted those same tan sandals for Cam but they didn't have his size. Good shoes guys!
Also, we want to try those sweet potato fries! We wanted to do something like that before but opted out at the price of sweet potatoes and got cheap frozen ones instead. :)

rachel said...

Super cute sandals Jeanette! And I love the fun picture.

Mama said...

I agree with the new season shoe idea. They are all very cute and useful, so not a frivolous purchase. I think Jer's will look great with his graduation robe.


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