Friday, May 8, 2009

Good Eats

The potential for great summer entertainment just increased by twelve points at our house.

With the exception of our current house, we have always had cable TV because it was included with our rent or with our internet service. We loved it-who wouldn't? But when we moved to this house we made a decision.

No cable.

After all we're in school we should be trying to live frugally. We decided though, that since we were saving money there, we could afford to spend some money on entertainment that we otherwise might think was too expensive.

I mentioned before that Jeremy and I like Anime--that it was the reason we got together in the first place, but Anime is a pretty expensive hobby. We decided though, that if we would potentially spend $200 or more a semester on a cable subscription, that we could afford to buy a $75 DVD box set a semester, and still be saving hundreds of dollars a year over cable.

We've also included in this "spending plan" our favorite cooking show. We love Good Eats. Alton Brown is like "Bill Nye the Science Guy" for cooks. He talks all about the Why's of cooking giving us what he calls a roadmap for cooking so we can find our own way around, as opposed to just giving turn-by-turn directions where if we took one wrong turn we'd be lost.

Buying a Good Eats on DVD is like the show that keeps on giving. It's entertainment for sure. But then it provides recipes like buying a cookbook. But then it's like no cookbook you ever bought before because it shows you how to make the recipes along with giving you the knowledge to avoid common troubles. (Am I a fanatic?)

We purchased our latest installment of Good Eats this week. Our last installment we bought two years ago, and we have enjoyed over and over. Some episodes are so good we've watched them 4-5 times during that two years (I love you "The Muffin Man").

The DVDs arrived yesterday, hooray! We already watched "Jam Session," an episode on jamming and canning.

Oh, Good Eats, we're so happy you decided to join our family. We hope you are as well-rounded and bring us as much joy as your older episodes, and we promise to love you and appreciate the increased culinary knowledge you bring us forever and ever!


JackJen said...

I love Good Eats with all my heart. It's why I want a kitchen scale.

Mindy said...

We are happy you introduced us to the show. We have already been able to watch it a couple of times! And we understand the decision for no cable; we went without any internet the first married place we lived. I have to say having about 70 channels here makes me so happy! I can watch FoxNews, Food Network, and HGTV all day!


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