Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Look Familiar?

Since our families were in town for graduation, I helped my brother Mark do his hair for church on Sunday. What fun is it to go to church somewhere new if you can't pretend to have an alter-ego while you are there?

Tired of me comparing him to nerds, Mark wanted a hip alter-ego. I decided there's no one cooler for a 20-something male to be compared to than Jim Halpert.* I think the resemblance was not too shabby.

*I'll admit I think I'm now 2 full seasons behind, (I'm sorry The Office I just have more "responsibilities" in my life than I used to, and then you had all that Andy/Angela/Dwight weirdness going on. . . I'm just not sure that my desire to "stay current" is still intact) so I'm basing my comment on how cool Jim Halpert was at the time of my last viewing of the show, not guaranteeing anything about his current level of coolness!

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