Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Not-so-Green Thumb

Our house has a few shrubs in front, that line the street.

When we bought the house it was still late winter, so the shrubs were bare. As spring hit they started growing without abandon! The once neatly trimmed shrubs were shooting spindly branches out every which way. . . so I trimmed them back.

I was proud of myself: Look at what a good steward I'm being of this property!

The following spring I was busy--or maybe lazy-- and I kept watching those shrubs grow out of control, until finally one day I went out and saw this:

Little groups of buds all over the shrubs. Within a week or two the buds were replaced. . .

. . .by beautiful delicate white blossoms spilling out of the shrubs.

Well then, who knew?


Robin and Larry said...

Cute house Jeanette... we lived in a similar
house while Larry was going to Chiropractic school in Overland Park... we were just renting but now I understand it is a Historical district.. great memories of all 4 kids sharing a room!
Enjoy the journey! We miss you! :)

Mindy said...

Beautiful! What a great surprise! I love your cute house by the way. After we had left your house I spent about 2 hours imagining what I would do if it were my house--I can't help but do that, especially to places I like!


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