Monday, May 4, 2009

Tall Fun

I was feeling like a neglectful mom on Friday, so after dinner I tried to make up for it by doing a "project" with Owen.

He loves projects. Don't get me wrong, I love projects too. They just take a little more effort on my part, so I don't do as many as I probably should with him. This project is actually really simple though, it requires just four things.

Twine, scissors, tin cans, and one of those can openers with the triangle side that you can use to punch through the can.

Put them together and what have you got?

Tin can stilts.

Measure the twine long enough to go from your kiddo's palm down under their shoe and back up to tie at the palm. Punch two holes in the can, thread the twine through, and tie. Really easy.

The whole time we were working on them Owen kept asking, "What are they going [to] be?" So when we finished I demonstrated for him.

"Look, you stand on them like this, and walk."

Owen cracked up laughing at me. "Hahaha! Now is my turn!"

He thought they were pretty fun too, and he actually did a pretty good job walking in them, that is, until he realized how funny falling in them was.

Ah, boys.


Mama said...

Fun project!!!! You gotta love boys!

Meridth Gimbel said...

You are the coolest parents ever.

Mindy said...

Love it! And love all your other posts--I must have been away for a long time because I hadn't seen any of these! Love the cake you made for Jeremy and love the big time pizza peel. Did you order that before we gave him the pizza book? Man, great minds do think alike! I'm excited to see what you guys make with it.
Hey, I emailed you, a myfamily email address, about how I left my hair tools tote there--a little silver mesh one. Have you seen it? I am really missing it and wonder if you could mail it to me. Can you email me about whether you've seen it?

rachel said...

What a great, fun, inexpensive idea for good quality fun! I'll have to use that one sometime for Simon :)

John and Becky Bowler said...

At first when I was looking at the blog, I thought that you were making the game telephone...and then I realized that they were stilts. I like it. :)


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