Monday, May 25, 2009

Women vs. Men

Ok, I'll admit it. It was my idea.

We've got these huge trees in the back yard and they are casting shade all over my vegetable garden.

"Let's chop down that branch!" I instructed.

So Jeremy held the ladder while I sawed(the old-fashioned way--no chains involved), and I held the ladder while Jeremy sawed. And eventually the branch came down.

And great was the fall thereof.

Once it was down my thought was "That was a crazy ridiculous idea, I can't believe we didn't get hurt!"

Jeremy's thoughts, which he voiced, were: "Alright! Let's chop down another one!"

Are you kidding me? Weren't we both standing here when that thing crashed down to the ground?!



Tyler M. said...

Landscape management at its best!!

Wayland said...

Not to encourage your hubby, but you can borrow our chain saw! Happy trimming!

Mindy said...

Hahah! Yes, if they can conceive a way, it will be done!

Hey just want you to know I now always click on all your adds posted. You get paid per click I imagine? Just tryin to help a sista out!


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