Thursday, June 4, 2009


We checked out Chitty Chitty Bang Bang from the library the other day.

(On a side note: I have distinct memories of watching that film as a child and being confused--having lived in Germany and been to the castle Neuschwanstein--about weather it was historical at all or purely fiction. So yes, I believe that the reality/make-believe line is often blurred for children watching TV.)

The film tells the story of two children and their inventor father, along with a lovely lady-friend named Truly Scrumptious and of course their magical car Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. In the movie they have gone to the country of Vulgaria to rescue their grandpa who was taken by the evil Baron. They see no children anywhere as the Baroness hates children and employs a royal child catcher.

A villager helps hide the children as their father goes to look for Grandpa and Truly goes to find some food. Before leaving Truly tells the children to stay hidden and not to leave.

After a while the child catcher shows up on the street--disguised and advertising "lolly-pops and ice cream" to any children who might be around.

The children look out the window, and decide to leave telling themselves they'll get enough treats for Truly as well.

Trying to help my almost-four-year-old to recognize their disobedience, and perhaps connect that to the negative outcome about to materialize as the child catcher captures them, I prompted:

"Uh-oh! They aren't supposed to go out, Truly told them to wait inside. . ."

Owen turns to me with wide eyes and says, "No, but Mom, He has lolly-pops!"

".   .   . "

Lolly-pops?! Well, then. . . that changes EVERYTHING!!! Oh well, another attempted teaching moment that completely backfired. Such is motherhood. . .

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Anonymous said...

Yes, I loved this story. It sounds like Owen. :) That's why we live with our Mommy for 18 years before going out into the big, bad world--so she can keep pounding it into our heads and maybe we'll someday get it right! Keep pounding!


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