Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Boy Does He!

Yesterday we took Jonas in for his 15-month appointment. (You know the drill.) So they asked us all the normal 15-month questions.

"Does he walk well"?


"Does he respond to noises?"


"Does he say 3 or more words?


Then an incredulous: "No?"

Uh, no.

What? Maybe he's just overcompensating for his mom who talks way too much--it's no big deal--plus he's got 10 baby-signs, does that count?

Continuing on: "Does he scribble?"

Umm. . .

Yeah, he can scribble.


Brian's Wife said...

E and Jonas would have a BALL together! She colors or scribbles all day long! We joke that she can go through a ream of paper in a week because that is all she wants to do! She recently drew a cross on the wall in the "time out corner"...we joke that she is becoming Catholic. C was never that into scribbling...but E is TOTALLY into it. Funny babies...we will have to exchange secrets of how to get scribbles off different materials! And on a side note I can not believe how grown up Jonas is looking!!

Kara Lyn said...

That Jonas looks like he has a bit of curl in those locks. Hopefully he will have nice, big hair like his Aunt Kara.

Anonymous said...


Mark and I died laughing!


Anonymous said...

I died, too. As a matter of fact, I'm still on the floor, rolling. What a fun post!

Mindy said...

No worries, Cameron doesn't say as many words as he should either. These boys are too busy DOING to be talking. They're BOYS!


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