Monday, June 29, 2009

Eight Lessons in Cake Decorating

Lesson #1 Even though you are generally anti-dowel rod (out of shear laziness) you must dowel a four layer add-on or it's just going to tip over.

Lesson #2 Speaking of tipping over, never buy store-bought icing to decorate with again. It's slimy, and heavy and will weigh your cake down.

Lesson #3 Working in a hot un-air conditioned kitchen will only exacerbate the problems caused by not following rule #2, threatening to tear off the north-side ramparts, and make a general mess of all your hard work.

Lesson #4 Never underestimate the good that a half hour in the fridge while properly braced can do for your cake to prevent the ultimate cake disaster from occurring.

Lesson #5 There is no shame in picking up the whole messy add-on and repositioning the ugly-er part to face the back(at least the ugly part is still in one piece thanks to some nicely chilled frosting)!

Lesson #6 Attending church is always worth it(even if it means that there are no tufts of dark green grass piped around the perimeter of castle or climbing roses up the wall or chains for the -slightly disproportionate- drawbridge).

Lesson #7 Your cake will never end up exactly like you envisioned it in your head, but decorating cakes is always a lot of fun.

Lesson #8 Homemade cakes are always beloved by the sweet little children you make them for.

("Who're you callin' little?")


Kara Lyn said...

Oh man, oh man. That cake rocks. I wouldn't have used a stick thing in it either. If I was decorating, it would be a ruin castle.

Brian's Wife said...

This post made me laugh, because it was SO similar to my experience making E's cake!! I had to walk away several times to "relax"....summer and frosting don't mix!! And multi-layered cakes...NOT fun...especially if they are cut and you have to deal with the crumb issues while frosting!! The cake turned out FABULOUS!!

SUNRYZEZ said...

That cake is awesome!! Im sure Owen had a great time making it w/ u!

Anonymous said...

Netter, you are fun. And yes, your little children will love and appreciate all your efforts, no matter the results. They will grow up one day to want to continue the tradition you started for them. Then it's Mommy pay day! Owen is so handsome in this picture!

Mindy said...

Great job on that cake. You always make fun, nice cakes. That's neat. HAppy Birthday to Owen!


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