Monday, June 8, 2009

Family Home Eating

The perfect way to end a Family Home Evening is with delicious refreshments. It helps when they are quick and easy to put together before the whole "happy family" vibe has a chance to blow up with kids running amok around the house, being overzealous "helpers" in the kitchen, or trying to turn on that blessing/curse of a television again.

Sprinkled Ice Cream Sandwiches are a fun treat that is not complicated and combine so many delicious things you can't go wrong with serving them!

This is an assembly-only treat, but if you aren't using storebought cookies (which I wouldn't suggest anyways--but for entirely different reasons) you'll need to make cookies earlier in the day, or the day before. This way they aren't too warm and fall apart during assembly, but they should be soft cookies so they're easy to bite through.

Let your choice of ice cream soften about 5 minutes. Sandwich one small scoop of ice cream between the bottom side of two cookies and squish it until it just comes out beyond the edges of the cookies. Pour some sprinkles into a small bowl and roll the ice cream edge in the sprinkles to coat.

Then enjoy-of course!

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Ali and Jay said...

I got your blog from Becky's. I hope you don't mind if I check it out. You do such awesome things. Those cookie sandwiches sure look tasty! (Feel free to check out my family blog at


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