Friday, June 19, 2009

Four Three Two One

We're kind of big on countdowns around here. I feel like life is boring a lot so I'm always looking forward to the next exciting event.

(I know there's some quote out there about "todays" spent waiting for "tomorrows" that's supposed to teach me why not to be that way, but since I can't remember the quote I haven't learned the lesson.)

So these days we are counting down for a birthday.

Owen slices some paper strips. (He loves the paper cutter. I should actually give all my old credit card bills to him, no one would be able to steal my identity after he was through with them.)

The stapler takes a bit more "man" power, but he staples his links together-- one for each day until his birthday.

And every morning Owen says to me "Mom, we have to take another chain off, when all the chains are gone--then it's my birthday!"

See, doesn't that just make every day between now and then seem more fun? As opposed to today being "just another boring day," today was given a much more interesting and exciting role in our lives as being "one day closer" to Owen's birthday.

Huzzah! (That's a castle-themed yippee!)


Kara Lyn said...
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Kara Lyn said...

Owen, I love the shirt. You are looking good. P.S. What do you want from your favorite Aunt and Uncle (Joe and I) for your birthday?
Jeremy, you are silly. What color are chloroplasts supposed to be? Jeanette, you are basically amazing and know that there are several townhouses and other houses for sale around us.
Jonas, maybe I'll send you a sketch book so you can get started on your future cartoon drawing career.

Mama said...

There is a package on its way from Grandma and Grandpa Merrill. It should arrive about the time as the chains end.
We are lucky our grandsons have such a clever mother.

Brian's Wife said...

What kid doesn't love a countdown chain...especially one counting down to your birthday!! We just mailed Owen's package yesterday...I hope it makes it! June is a crazy month with all the birthdays!C's,your dad's, E's, then I have Christi's, and if you throw in Father's day it is one busy month!! I also have 2 baby showers next week, and Collin has a friend B-day party! I think I am going to be boycotting cake for the rest of the summer!! Especially after all the nightmares I have been having with E's cake...I was really wishing you lived closer the other night...I could have used some of your cake making wisdom!


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