Thursday, June 11, 2009

We Don't Bite

Dear Mommies of cute little girls,
On behalf of Mothers of dashing young boys everywhere, I'd like to extend the proverbial olive branch, or maybe it's more of a dangling carrot. Can we be friends? I can't figure out why there is a divide between us. No, our boys don't wear adorable little clippies and homemade headbands in their hair, but they do look pretty cute in an argyle sweater vest. No they don't dress up like princesses, but they enjoy dress-up clothes of a masculine variety: superhero capes and fireman hats. And when you are enjoying activities together such as swimming and playing at the park of course we'd love that too.

I promise our sons won't ogle you daughters in their bathing suits if that's what you're worried about (I couldn't come up with any "rational" reasons). Although, truth be told, your daughters will probably end up messier after playing with our boys, boys just really love making messes, that's all. And maybe there will be more arguments and differences of opinions to work through, but is that really such a bad thing? They need to learn how to get along eventually. And we mothers of boys just think our sons would love playing with your girls, and think that your daughters lives would be equally enriched through their friendships with our sons. So we hope you'll consider giving it a try.

One last thing. As mothers of boys we are still women. Just because we didn't produce any female offspring doesn't mean we don't enjoy quality girl-time anymore. So when you are getting together with all the other Moms of cute little girls, please consider calling and inviting some of those other women along. (You know, the Mothers of dashing young boys.)

Eagerly awaiting your response,



Sheffer's said...

I have felt exactly the same way. Thanks for writing this, it made me laugh today. ;D

Ali and Jay said...

That was pretty clever and funny. I would say head over my way if you lived here. I have a boy and a girl and I feel equally open to having them play with whoever. I totally hear you that it's not just for the kids either. I think I often get together with other moms and kids maybe more for me than for my kids.

Brian's Wife said...

Miss Ems would love to play with your boys!! Everyone needs a prince charming!! And I think C would be in HEAVEN if the boys came to play. He misses his cousins. Wish we all lived closer!!

JP said...

Jeanette, I love your blog, and on behalf of all stay at home dads, we too can feel your pain. The only difference is that we don't get invited to anything! The sex of our children matters not. It's just... what do you say to a dad that is not your husband, and in return, what do I say to a mom who is not my wife? Awkward. My sister invited me to a play-date with some moms in her ward and I just sat on the swings by myself watching my kids play.

Wayland said...

Keep you fingers crossed that Clint and I are having a girl, so we can bring her over to learn how to REALLY play in the mud! :)

Mindy said...

Huh! I never thought of it before! The only friend Cam consistently played with was a little girl so I hadn't thought of it. Yes, crash those cute little girl parties!

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to write something because I totally have a cute little girl:) But I had her after a boy so I am a big fan of gender mixing. Plus last week when Ainsley and I were painting our tonails Braden wanted his painted sparkly pink too and we let him, much to his dad's dismay.

And JP you crack me up. My mom's group met one such dad at a park once who actually came over and asked us when we met and if he could come along. Poor guy was bored. Maybe you need to put out an add for other dads:) Good luck finding someone as fun as you though.



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