Monday, June 15, 2009


Welcome to my one hundredth post (if you don't count my fake posts for my button, contact info, or favorites list, and if you do count the two old school posts I just imported from 2006)! Apparently a 100th post is a big deal in the blogosphere--like it's the first step to having people take you seriously as a blogger or something. I don't know, but I do like a reason for a good celebration.

So I decided to celebrate my one hundredth post by naming it a "won"-hundredth post because for one of my lucky readers--there's a prize to be won!

Yes, I'm doing my very first bloggy giveaway. To thank you, of course, for indulging me and my "musings" on life at home.

I've been feeling crafty, but not the go-out-and-spend-a-bunch-of-money crafty. Also, I decided maybe no one wants any of the crappy crafts I make. So I decided to make something that was functional to raise it's perceived value (insert double eyebrow raise here).

So here's the giveaway gift I made. It's a reusable grocery shopping tote. It helps fish to not choke and die on plastic bags. Plus the real reason I use reusable shopping bags: for each one you bring in to use at a Kroger brand store you get five cents off your order. You know that 25cents a shopping trip really adds up.

When Jeremy walked by and saw the green ribbon on it he said, "Now that's cute." So at least he thinks it's cute.

But you don't need to use reusable shopping bags because they are cute, you need to use them because it's what all the hip people are doing these days. . . I mean, because it's good for the environment, and see it's even more "green" because I made it out of an old sundress that I used for a swimsuit cover-up, but I was going to get rid of it.

So to enter this giveaway just leave a comment on this post. You have until Sunday the 21st (Fathers' Day), and I'll announce the winner on Monday, chosen through the most democratic method I can think of. Also, anyone can enter, whether I know you personally or not, as long as you aren't "one of my enemies, I hate those guys."

Good Luck!

As I mentioned before, for the sake of interested parties . . . um you with the funny sideburns, and . . . you hiding behind the curtain, I have uploaded two posts that were actually my first attempt at blogging (over on geocities) a year and a half before I started this blog. I called it Jeanette's Mommy Blog: On Life, Love and Babies. At that point the only exposure I'd had with blogs was one my brother was doing for his son. I had found out I was pregnant, but ended up miscarrying a week later. But if you are interested in a trip down my memory lane, please enjoy:

Introduction and Pregnant


Summer said...

That bag is adorable! I really need to learn how to sew!

Brian's Wife said...

Congratulations on your 100th post! I have enjoyed reading your thoughts. The bag is adorable...I too have been feeling a need to craft lately. I have been wishing I knew how to sew better. Wish we lived closer so we could be crafty together!

Wayland said...

Jeanette, you always leave me with things to aspire to!!!

Congrats on writing A LOT! ;0

Ali and Jay said...

That is such a cute bag! I can't believe you thought to make it from an old sundress. You really are so crafty. I am always interested to see what you have come up with next.

Anonymous said...

How cute!! I enjoy reading your blog. Congrats for making it to one hundred :o) And sorry if you get two comments from me... I just wrote one and it wasn't there after I clicked post :o)

(from the ep board)

Kara Lyn said...

Wo Wo!!! Jeanette you rock my boat. When are we going to live closer together so that we can play and do stuff? Joe says hello too.

Carolyn said...

Logan wants to know if you go in with a truck load of reusable bags and get your entire order free. He would put one item in each bag of course. Tee Hee.

Anonymous said...

Count me in that tote is DARLING! Good thing relatives can enter.


Anonymous said...

If you really want to thank your mother for all those great sewing lessons, I will win. I will take it along with the two bags my Mom bought for me and it will be a 3 generation thing. Definitely "green"!

Lynnie said...

Giant (my ritzy grocery store of choice out here) also does the 5 cents off thing. I have one big huge bag and a couple little totes that I use. Maybe I should opt for more small ones so I get more money off! By the way, there's a random number generator thing online that you can get to randomly select your winner for you. Then it's totally unbiased. Good luck, and count me in!


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