Friday, July 24, 2009

The Color Purple

To my mother's continued bewilderment I dyed purple streaks in my hair. I did purple streaks before once in college, I've added red streaks quite a few times, and died my whole head a deep cherry-mahogany once as well.

In college I lived close to a hair school. My freshman year I would go get a haircut whenever I got bored. My hair just got shorter and shorter that year.

I don't get that nervous about cutting or dying my hair because it will always grow and fade out. So sometimes when I'm not feeling control over any other part of my life I'll change my hair, just to show my life who's boss.

So, accordingly, I cut myself bangs before leaving on our vacation. Take that universe!

I haven't worn bangs since I first got hard contacts in 5th grade, and my bangs just added too much to the irritation of my poor eyes. They're a bit short, but they'll grow out. . .

That's the beauty of it.


Brian's Wife said...

I totally relate to this! I like the bangs, it changes up your look a bit! Just this week when I got my haircut another one of the stylists had dyed her hair a DEEP DEEP purple, you could really only tell it was purple in the right light...anyway it made me think of you. But seriously, when are we ever going to get control of our lives?? I may end up bald here pretty soon if we don't get a plan :-).

Mindy said...

Yeah! Show the universe who is really in control! I bet you look great with new bangs and new purple streaks! In high school when I had platinum hair I put a hot pink streak in my hair and then had senior pictures. My parent's always said they were going to photoshop it out--they never did. These parent's don't hate our crazy ways as much as they act like. ;)

Anonymous said...

I'm bewildered. FYI--at the Stake Pioneer Pancake Breakfast this morning, Sherida A. and Lynnette B. both had short hair! They each donated to Pantene (like Locks of Love) for cancer patients to get wigs. They both look very cute with short hair. Reminded me of your donation!! Now they won't want yours because it's streaked. Oh well. :)

John and Becky Bowler said...

I love it!


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