Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Is There a Doctor in the House?

We had a small celebration in our household. Jeremy has been accepted to a PhD program. We now have an option for what to do with our life. Although I think calling something an "option" implies that there is an alternative. . .

I'm remembering a conversation Jeremy and I had the very first week Jeremy started school here, three long years ago. I remember we were in our car driving through the parking lot in our apartment complex when he was interestedly telling me all about the new innovative multidisciplinary PhD program that the college was opening up. I shook my head at Jeremy.

"Maybe later in life," I said. "We made the choice to begin our family already, so by the time three years rolls around it's going to be time for us to have an income to support ourselves."

Funny how I keep remembering that conversation.

The other thing that keeps returning to my mind, is this little clip. Just a little something that has been sort of our rallying cry for Jeremy's grad school experience. The thing we pull out when the going gets tough and we want to give up. Not that it is inspiring or anything, just something that gives us a good laugh, makes us shake our heads in exasperation, nod them in agreement then pick up and carry on.

For your viewing pleasure:

C'est la vie!


JackJen said...

HA HA HA HA HA! Thanks for making my day!

Mindy said...

HI-larious! Tyler and I had an awesome laugh! Congrats to Jeremy! and family because we all know it's a team effort!

Anthony said...

Congrats on Jeremy getting into the PhD program! Yeah! That castle cake rocks by the way. I'm jealous as a 29-year old man I never got one of those as a kid. Great job Mom!


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