Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Jeremy has a new hobby.

Steampunk is a genre and subculture that revolves around the victorian, industrial "steam-power" age society, but with more advanced and modern, sometimes futuristic, technologies that rely on the steam power and clockwork gears and cogs of the era to run on, as opposed to our modern types of power. The "punk" of steampunk comes from the movement being slightly anti-establishment, mostly demonstrated through empowerment of the individual.

Jeremy's interest in this movement has been growing over the last year or two. He's long appreciated from afar the handiwork of fans who have modded modern technology like laptops and cell phones to look Victorian-era. But this month Jeremy decided to take the plunge and declare his steampunk nature by entering an online photo contest: "What does Steampunk mean to You?"

So in his own words I give you: Why in the world Jeremy would be interested in something so random. . .

Steampunk is the perfect foil for us in our current techno-centric world. In the age of steam, little humans were able to harness a power with unlimited potential. The question they had to answer was: are we going to use this power for good, evil, or awesome? Today we are constantly discovering and inventing products that defy our imagination. So, how are we to know the way? By looking to the past and in the case of steampunk an alternative past more suited to our present.

The steampunk world is pure romance. You can be whomever you please, you can imagine and invent using technology that is available to everyone and comprehensible by our basic standards of education. To be a tinkerer, a steamer, a clacker, an inventor, a scholar, a new renaissance individual is the dream of many.

The steampunk movement offers many the opportunity to create original work. Instead of going to the store and consuming our clothes and props, the hallmark of a true steampunker is personal craftsmanship and an attention to detail that comes from the love of creating. It is this level of craftsmanship that makes steampunk look so cool. You can't leave anything half done because if you do it will not be believable. Thanks to all the creators out there who have inspired me.

Our Hero arrives at the zeppelin station.

Look at the time! I'm going to miss the symposium.

Where is that zeppelin? It should be here by now.

Ah yes, finally aboard.


We'll settle this like men!

The Victor

BTW I'm such a jerk I forgot to recognize our awesome friend Jonathan Swinton took these photos. You can find him now in SLC!


JosephJ said...

Loved it. I think I'm a fan of the steampunk movement. Don't think I have the facial hair for it, though.

Are those the pants you made? And Jonathan Swinton was one of my mission buddies. Go figure.

Jeanette said...

Yep, Those are the pants! Funny about Jonathan-they just moved back west a week ago.

Meridth Gimbel said...

This is beyond delightful. This is why you guys are just plain cool.

Anna and Stephen said...

I'm slightly confused about what steampunk is. But we did really like the post. You guys just get more awesome by the day. I'm so glad you're staying another year. :)


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