Monday, August 10, 2009

Doughnut Day

Owen's been asking us to make doughnuts for the last couple of weeks. Fortunate or unfortunate as it may be Owen is now to the age where he actually remembers things we say to him from day to day or week to week. So when we as his lazy parents say "not today Owen, maybe next week. . ." he remembers, and holds us to our word.

Saturday Jeremy was out for the morning on site at a schoolyard garden, so I decided it was as decent a time as any to go ahead and make doughnuts. We've made them before with a recipe that has given us great results. I decided to try a new recipe this time; however, as I'm on a sourdough kick.

It's a fun process and very fulfilling to create something at home that most people only buy in stores.


Draining and Cooling

Rolling in cinnamon sugar and serving.

We were deliciously impressed with the sourdough doughnuts. They were more dense than commercial yeast doughnuts--they were more like cake doughnuts. And as with most baked goods they're best eaten the same day. So we made a few trips to share some of the goodness with friends, but it didn't keep us from devouring much more than our own fair share!


Mama said...

The doughnuts look very yummy!!! I love donuts. By the way, which is the proper spelling of doughnuts or donuts?

Wayland said...

THEY WERE DELICIOUS!!!!! You're a great doughnut/donut cook!

Kara Lyn said...

Why don't we live closer?

Brian's Wife said...

I used to make doughnuts with my kindergartners the week we studied "D". It was always a big hit! I have been a lame mom and not done it with my own kids...I guess I should try it sometime...the idea of hot grease and Mr. C is a SCARY thought! These look YUMMY though!

theProvidentWoman said...

That's funny. I'm in the process of writing our doughnut recipe for our blog. Great minds think a like. But your are from scratch, mine not so much.
And no, I don't just buy them at Daylight Donuts.

SUNRYZEZ said...

these look great! im totally gonna try making those!

rachel said...

Those look fabulous Jeanette! Good work!


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