Friday, August 7, 2009

Guest Post

Shhh while Jeanette was putting the boys to sleep I hijacked her blog. Mwhua ha ha ha I love you Netter by the way and thanks to all for reading her super blog. I know I love it.

Edit: Jeremy just wanted to post because he heard it was what all the "cool" blog-husbands were doing. Also, he would like to get an "in" on where it is that said blog-husbands have jobs, because he would like to also be able to fund the trendy wardrobes, fancy cameras, outrageous vacations, and summer homes in France that the "cool" bloggers seem to have. . .


Anonymous said...

If you blog at work when you DO get a job, you will be fired!! Beware! :)

Mary said...

Blog anytime Jeremy!

Tyler M. said...

you have your own blog. remember?

speaking of Jer, go visit mine. I recently put a post from Alabama on it.


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