Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Pest Control

This may be one of those infamous posts that one regrets hours or days after for actually letting the blogosphere see a less-than-shining example of ones life, but for the sake of helping others I'm just going to do it.

Let's say that you were to leave on vacation and forget about a certain piece of fresh produce in your kitchen. . . a pear perhaps.

And let's say that you came back a week and a half later to find your kitchen disturbingly infested with little red fruit flies. And they gross you out, and you child runs away from them screaming: "There's a 'squito in the house!" and it does nothing to help encourage you in the new goals you had set while on vacation about being a better homekeeper.

Well if this (or not exactly this, but something similar) was to happen to you--it just so happens that I know how to help rid you of this problem.

Get a small dish, pour in 1/4 cup or so of apple cider vinegar. Then add a few drops of liquid dish soap and swish it around. Then set it out at the source of the problem.

The next morning, the dish will look like this:


The sweet vinegar attracts them and the dish soap breaks the surface tension so they sink when they try to land and get a drink. All I know is it works--it's possible that I've used this technique on multiple occasions.

You'll thank me. . . one day it'll happen to you, and you'll thank me.


Melissa said...

I will thank you now! what a cleaver idea. I have also heard that if you have an earwig problem, they are my least favorite bug, behind cockcroaches of course. Put out a little dish with smooth edges, so they can't crawl out full of canola oil. Thanks for sharing

Wayland said...

That's nothing! My mom accidentally put an opened can of wet dog food in the little cupboard above the oven. After a few days we started noticing flies. Well, where do flies come from? You guessed it, maggots! DISGUSTING, crawling, tan maggots crawling all around the cupboard. YUCK!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

This is just a little reminder of why you want to KEEP all your newly made commitments for better housekeeping! :) I wish I would have known your trick earlier in my housekeeping experience. I also would have used it in my biology class in high school when we had to BREED fruit flies! Dad left 3 bags of garbage in the trunk of the car today, out in the sun all morning. We are still airing it out.....


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