Monday, August 3, 2009

To Market to Market

This past Saturday I finally made it out to the farmers' market. I've put a lot of work into my project so far, so it was rewarding to finally make it there to sell these little beauties:

They are wooden spoons dipped in sourdough starter. You take them home and dissolve them in water, feed them with flour and in a few days you have this:

A happy sourdough starter or "wild yeast colony" to use for baking!

I got started with sourdough last summer when my mom brought me back an heirloom sourdough starter spoon from her trip to Alaska. We've had a lot of fun with it--Jeremy of course is totally on board-- and we've tried lots of recipes.

I think the one that was the most surprisingly delicious to me was the sourdough waffles. I'd never had them before and they are really good.

To go along with the spoons I am selling, I set up a website with all the information people need to use the starter. I added all the recipes we've tried and plan on adding more as we try more things. (I would never recommend a recipe without trying it first!) I've even thought of adding a "buy it" button to sell the spoons from the website as well.

My first day at the market went well. I had a little table with my spoons, information, and some homemade sourdough English muffins.

I went for two hours and sold 10 spoons and 8 muffins. I also traded one spoon for a delicious homemade apple pie that a friend of mine was selling at her stand along with honey from their very own beehives. . . Yeah we think they are really cool!

All in all my first day was a success. I really wanted to gauge the interest level before I invested any more time or effort into the venture. And really, I wasn't going to complain as long as I at least paid for my stall fee--which I did!

Today I went to the store and picked up some more wooden spoons to dip so I'll have plenty more to sell. . . hopefully this weekend!


Anonymous said...

Your project is awesome. I love it. I haven't used my spoon yet. I'm a little nervous. Don't know why. But I'll start it soon. What to make. What to make.

Do you use your the started as you need it or is it only enough for one recipe?

Kara Lyn said...

We were in Park City this weekend and we saw their Farmer's Market and the Art's Festival. We were wishing you guys were there.

Jeanette said...

Mary, I always make sure there is enough to take out what I need for the recipe and still have at least a half cup leftover to keep "feeding." It can in theory last your whole life! Good question though I should make sure and address that point on the site.

Melissa said...

what a fun idea I love it

Mindy said...

Good work! I'm proud of you! What a fun thing for you. Keep it up!


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