Monday, August 24, 2009

Traveling with Children

Here's my boys having a blast on the airplane.

I just deleted my snarky post directed to a non-understanding person we flew with. I realized that if I wouldn't say it out loud, I shouldn't type it online either.

(Thank you anti-cyberbullying public service announcement, I've learned my lesson.)


Mama said...

I love the picutre. I am so glad everyone had a good time on your vacation. We loved seeing all of you in Utah!!!!!!!
Now you are on to your next adventure!

Thora said...

In a weird Internet moment, I was checking my sister in law's blog, Aleatha, and your comment was there. Well, I thought I'd check, 'cause sometimes I know the person who comments, and then this post was on your page, and I was shocked, 'cause I used to work with Jeremy at the Cannon Center. I was the secretary. Small world moment, huh? Anyway, don't think I'm a weird stalker, because I don't think I am, but it was still cool virtually bumping into someone I knew from BYU days. My husbands a Phd student, so we're also doing the forever schooling, except in Ohio. Fun times (we have two little girls). Anyway, your blog was fun to read, and I'm amazed that you made those pants for Jeremy. By the way, in another random moment, did you once know a Jeremy Fowler, and make a birthday cake for him for a party at Rock Canyon Park, and did you have a baby, who was in a sling? If that was you, then you inspired me to make a sling. If it wasn't, then I'm just slightly delusional.


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